Oversteps News 53

September 2018

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Let the wounded speak by Antony Mair (ISBN 978-1-906856-80-9), price £8 plus p&p

Antony Mair has enjoyed a varied working life, both in the legal profession and as an estate agent in France. His poetry ranges widely, touching on slavery, gay identity, the trauma of war, Muslim radicalisation and abuse in the Roman Catholic church. Despite his clear-sighted view of this wounded world, he is also hopeful that love brings healing and hope.

Antony will be reading at the Torbay Poetry Festival next month, so I am pleased to publish this book in time for him to present it at the festival.

I am careful not to swamp our readers with too frequent newsletters; but all being well there will be another new Oversteps book next month, before a bit of a break until the New Year. I hope you’ll find time to read ‘Let the wounded speak‘ before I write to announce the next one. Remember that you can click the Follow button in the right hand margin, to make sure you don’t miss any news.

Some dates coming up soon

22nd September    Oversteps Books will be at the Poetry Book Fair in Senate House, University of London
22nd September    Paul Surman, Melanie Branton, Ian Royce Chamberlain and Hilary Elfick will be reading at 2.20pm at the Poetry Book Fair, London
27th September     Ross Cogan will be reading with Anna Saunders at Words and Ears in Bradford on Avon
28th September     Jennie Osborne and Sue Proffitt will be reading at the Alice Cross Centre in Teignmouth with Susan Richardson
1st October             Susan Taylor and Simon Williams will be presenting poets from their forthcoming anthology, ‘Play’, at the City Gate Hotel, Exeter
5th October            Susan Taylor and Simon Williams will be performing their poetry show, ‘Weather House’ at the Swindon Poetry Festival
7th October            Alwyn Marriage is one of the poets in the launch of ‘Domestic Cherry’ at the Swindon Poetry Festival
19th October          Simon Williams and Susan Taylor, with young poets from Galmpton Primary School, will be appearing at the Torbay Poetry Festival
19th October          Antony Mair will be reading at the Torbay Poetry Festival
26th October         Alwyn Marriage and Susan Taylor will be the guest poets at Word Café at Cott Inn, Dartington
31st October           Ross Cogan will be reading at Pembroke College, Oxford at 6.00pm
17th November      Richard Skinner and Alwyn Marriage will be reading at a special Corrymeela Celebration at 7.00pm in St Luke’s Chapel, Exeter

best wishes


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